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The Incredible Maple Syrup Festival at Mountsberg 2024

Maple is one of those flavours that I just can’t get enough of! Whether it’s maple syrup drizzled on pancakes, or as an ingredient in baked treats or entrees, I love it!

And living in Southern Ontario, there is definitely no shortage of places to go to celebrate this wonderful flavour during the maple syrup season!

In fact, visiting maple syrup festivals has become a traditional spring experience for our family.

And one of our favourite experiences is at Mountsberg Conservation area. We find it has a lot to offer, and if you are a Conservation Halton Parks Pass holder, your general admission is discounted!

Want to learn more? Let’s jump right in!

What is the Mountsberg Maple Syrup Festival?

The Maple Sugar Bush at Mountsberg is owned and operated by the Halton Region Conservation Authority.

They have been using the Maple Syrup Festival as a way to educate the public in a fun and interactive way.


This year, Mountsberg is offering visitors an opportunity to explore the park on their own.

You will be able to make your way around the exhibits, in the buildings, and through the sugarbush at your own pace.

Each of the maple syrup-inspired activities available at Mountsberg offers a learning opportunity for families, as well as a fun way to celebrate this truly Canadian process.

Does Mountsberg Actually Produce Maple Syrup?

Yes, the Mountsberg sugar bush has been producing maple syrup for more than 150 years! This spring, the park will tap approximately 300 sugar maples.


The resulting crystal-clear sap will then be transformed into sweet maple syrup in their Sugar Shanty.

And what becomes of this wonderful maple syrup that is produced on the property?

It is normally served to guests as part of their pancake dinners or as samples during tours. You can’t get more local than that!

When is the Mountsberg Maple Syrup Festival?

The Mountsberg Maple Syrup Festival takes place annually from early March until early April.

This year, the festival will run from March 2, 2024, to April 7, 2024.

The experiences run on Saturday and Sunday, the week of March Break, and on Holidays from 9:30 am – 5 pm, with the final reservation starting at 3 pm.

How Do You Get to the Mountsberg Maple Syrup Festival?

Mountsberg is located in Campbellville, Ontario. It is approximately a 1 hour and 10-minute drive southwest of Toronto.

You can take the Gardiner Expressway to Highway 427 north, and head to Highway 401 west. From the 401, it’s only a short distance to the conservation area.

Address: 2259 Milburough Line, Campbellville, ON
Dates: March 2, 2024, to April 7, 2024 (Weekends, Holidays, and March Break)
Admission: Adult: $12.00 +HST, Child (5-14): $8.75 +HST, Child 4 & under: FREE


Do You Need Reservations for the Mountsberg Maple Sugar Festival?

No, but they are strongly recommended as this is a popular event.

Tickets are limited and you may find that the parking lot is full when you arrive.

A $1.50 additional fee applies to non-member tickets purchased at the gate.

Reservations for a one-and-a-half-hour time slot can be made online through the Conservation Halton website.

What Can You Do at the Mountsberg Maple Syrup Festival?

There are a ton of family-friendly things to do at the Mountsberg Maple Syrup Festival.

Just remember, you will be outside for the majority of the time, so dress for the weather!

1. Test Your Knowledge in the Maple Trivia Trail

Take a self-guided stroll through the 150-year-old sugar bush while learning a little maple trivia along the way. Our family thought this was a lot of fun!


As you walk along the forested path, signs are posted at regular intervals.

The signs talk about interesting bits of history and trivia regarding Maple trees and the maple sugaring process.


It’s hard to get through the trail without having learned something new and interesting!

And the best part is, that the trail is short, walkable, and covered with packed soil and woodchips, so it is accessible to almost everyone.

2. Learn How Maple Syrup is Made

Maple sugaring is a time-honoured tradition for Indigenous Nations around the Great Lakes. This tradition was then passed along to the Early Settlers.

While at Mountsberg, you can learn how the technique of maple syrup and sugar making has changed over time.


The various displays not only have signs describing the process, but you can see it happening right before your eyes!

And if you have any questions, there are staff members who will be more than happy to explain the process as they are making the syrup!

3. Try Maple Taffy on Snow

Definitely, a must-do experience when heading to any Maple Syrup Festival is to try the maple taffy on snow.

If you are unfamiliar with this sweet treat, it’s made from pure maple syrup that has been cooked down even further to make it thicker than normal.


The syrup is then poured directly over clean snow, and a popsicle stick is inserted.

The stick is then rolled over the cooled taffy, picking up all the sticky goodness.

Delicious! Maple Taffy on Snow can be purchased at Mountsberg for an additional fee.

4. Get Toasty at the Fireside Lounges

Take a break from exploring the conservation area and warm up with a crackling outdoor fire.


These fire pits are conveniently located near the Restrooms and are a great place to sit and rest for a few minutes.

Each fire pit has enough seating area for the whole family.


And because the fires were being fed and taken care of by watchful employees, there was no need to do anything except relax and get toasty!

5. Sample Some Maple Candy

Head on over to the Candy Cabin where you can watch a maple sugar making demonstration.


Staff will take you through the age-old process of how the maple syrup was turned into maple sugar, and then maple candy!

Don’t forget to grab a sample! One taste and you will be hooked!

6. Check Your Wingspan at the Birds of Prey Centre

Visit the Wildlife Walkway to view the incredible Mountsberg Raptors!

Mountsberg is home to several species of Eagles, Owls, and Hawks.


The Birds of Prey Centre is a great place for kids to not only learn about the diversity of Ontario Raptors but to learn how each bird actually came to live at Mountsberg.

We found the employees at the Birds of Prey Centre to be extremely knowledgeable.

If we had questions about the birds we were seeing or wanted to learn a little more about a species, someone was there to help us.


The birds really are fascinating to learn about and watch.

And although the Raptor Centre has nothing to do with the maple syrup festival, it’s a great way to spend part of your time at Mountsberg!

7. Burn off Some Energy at the Natural Playground

A newer addition to Mountsberg is the outdoor Natural Playground. Here, the kids can run, jump, and play, while exploring Mother Nature’s jungle gym.


And even though our kids are a little older, it didn’t stop them from burning off some energy while checking out all the stations.

There is a tractor to sit and climb on, a couple of bars at different heights to swing on, tree stumps to jump across, hay bales, and a couple of wooden ladders and climbing areas.


The Natural Playground is a pretty big space and can be used by different-aged children for a variety of activities.

There are also plenty of natural benches to sit on, for anyone who just wants to relax.

8. Explore the Conservation Area

Once you have finished with your Maple town experience, be sure to take advantage of some of the other things Mountsberg has to offer!


There are several family-friendly hiking trails to be explored, as well as the Discovery Centre.

9. Make Some Furry Friends at the Barn

If you head over to the barn, you will have the opportunity to see a variety of farm animals.

From goats to chickens, rabbits, pigs, and horses, you never know who you might meet!

We found the staff members to be really friendly and more than willing to talk to you about the various animals.

Many of the furry or feathered friends have colourful personalities or backstories, so it’s definitely worth the time to stop in and say hello.

10. Stock Up on Maple Products in the Gift Shop

If seeing all that maple syrup being made has got you craving a sweet treat, you will definitely need to explore the on-site gift shops.

During your trip to Mountsberg, you will find two gift shifts, and both sell a nice variety of Maple goodies!


The Country Store located in the village was our favourite!

We were able to purchase Maple Syrup, Maple Candy, Maple Ice Wine Syrup, and Maple Sugar Candy, as well as some cozy blankets and wooden pencils.

The second gift shop is located near the entrance, in the Discovery Centre.


There, you can also find a variety of Maple products including Teas, Hot Chocolate Mixes, Maple Chocolate, and Maple Syrups.

This shop, however, also carried a variety of other souvenirs like magnets, clothing, and ornaments.

Will Food be Served at the Mountsberg Maple Syrup Festival?

Pancakes are back for the 2024 season!

Sit back and enjoy a tall stack of pancakes served with sausages, butter and maple syrup produced in Mountsberg.

What better way to fuel up for a further adventure? They were delicious!

Food can be purchased at the Pancake Pavilion where you will also find several picnic tables set up outside for you to sit and eat your meal.


Meal prices range from $9.95 for a small meal that includes 1 Pancake, 1 Sausage, Juice or Hot Drink, and a 2 oz. syrup, to $49.95 for a Family Meal that includes 6 Pancakes, 6 Sausages, 4 Juices or Hot Drinks, and a 10 oz. syrup.

Can I Bring My Dog to Mountsberg?

Yes. The Mountsberg Maple Season festival is very dog-friendly.

However, dogs must be kept on a 2m leash at all times when in the conservation area.

And just a heads up, there are some areas of the park where dogs are not allowed for food or animal safety.

These include:
· The Pancake Pavilion
· The farm animal barn
· The path featuring our Birds of Prey
· The Wagon Ride

Tickets and Pricing

The Mountsberg Maple Sugar Bush will be open on Weekends and March Break from 9 am – 5 pm, with the last reservation taking place at 3 pm.

All tickets can be purchased ahead of time online or by phone.


And as we mentioned earlier, this event is popular so we recommend reserving your spot in advance.

Your park reservation allows you one and a half hours inside the conservation area.


Members: Free entrance is included with your membership.
Non-Members: $10.50 +HST/Adult, $7.25 +HST/Senior, $7.25 +HST/Child 5-14, Children 4 & Under: Free

**Extra $1.50 charge when purchasing at the gate**

Special Add-ons Experiences at Mountsberg

for the 2024 season, there are now four add-ons that you can purchase with your Mountsburg Maple Season experience.

Wagon Rides

Once again, Mountsberg will be offering wagon rides through the Maple Sugar Bush.

The wagon rides are approximately 15-20 minutes long and run from 10 am – 2:40 pm daily.


Tickets can be purchased online as an add-on to your park admission.

Just select how many tickets you would like and the time that you want to ride.

Cost is $6.50 per person.

Talons and Tailfeathers

This is the second add-on experience for the 2024 year.

Head to the Raptor Centre for Talons and Tailfeathers, a truly unique and fun adventure for guests of all ages.

Talons and Tailfeathers is a limited group experience offering a meet and greet and a closer encounter with some of the birds of prey.

You will also learn all about the adaptations that make them exceptional hunters.

Tickets for Talons and Tailfeathers can be booked online at Conservation Halton when you are purchasing your Maple Syrup Festival tickets.

The cost of the experience is $10 per person, with kids under the age of 2 free.

Candle Making

This sweet experience is new for the 2024 season!

Join Mountsberg’s beekeeper to talk about all things honeybee. Learn about what is involved in bee-keeping, how Mountsberg keeps their bees safe and happy, and how honey is produced.

You will then be given the opportunity to taste some Mountsberg honey, and make your own dipped beeswax candle to take home.

Sugar Making

Given how much I love maple, I will definitely be adding this experience to our family’s visit this year!

Learn how to transform delicious maple syrup into melt in your mouth candy.

Mountsberg’s guides will walk you through the process and help you make your own samples to take home!

Considering the candy will be warm off the stove, I really doubt many will be making it all the way home!

***Please note: The Mountsberg Maple Syrup Festival is a non-refundable event.***


Sweet Water at Crawford Lake

If you are looking for more Halton Parks events producing maple magic, head to Crawford Lake for the Sweet Water Festival.

At Crawford Lake, you can learn all about the Indigenous heritage of maple sugaring.

Head into the replica 15th-century longhouse village to see what the First Harvest would have looked like.

And don’t forget to join the guided maple and birch syrup-tasting session and relax by fireside lounges.

Our kids were completely surprised by the flavour of the birch syrup!

Maple Syrup – FAQs

Is Mountsberg worth visiting?

Absolutely! There are so many family-friendly activities, things to see and do, and delicious maple products to sample, that you could easily fill an entire day.

Does Mountsberg produce its own maple syrup?

Yes! They actually produce a small amount of maple syrup every year. The syrup is then used as samples, to make candy and taffy, and to be served on pancakes during the Maple Syrup Festival. Unfortunately, guests are unable to purchase any to take home.

Where is most of the world’s maple syrup produced?

Canada produces approximately 71% of the world’s pure maple syrup, with 91% of that amount being produced in Quebec.

What grade of maple syrup is best for pancakes?

Grade A, which is amber in colour and has a rich full-bodied flavour without being overly intense, is the best grade for pancakes or waffles.

How long does the sugaring season last?

The sugaring season in Ontario lasts approximately 4-6 weeks. The season ends when temperatures remain over the freezing mark and the buds start forming on the trees.


Final Thoughts on the Mountsberg Maple Syrup Festival

As always, our experience at the Mountsberg Maple Syrup Festival was awesome!

Not only were we able to spend a fabulous day outdoors, but we could also indulge in one of our favourite sweet treats!

Visiting a maple sugar bush has always been a family tradition, so we will continue to look forward to it year after year!

So if you are looking for some Maple Magic, be sure to head to Mountsberg this spring!

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