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75 Best Canadian Souvenirs Recommended By a Local (2024)

Are you looking for some tips on the best Canadian souvenirs to take home with you? As a born-and-raised Canadian who has visited all 10 provinces, I have a few ideas!

Whether it reminds us of an adventure, a certain place we visited, or maybe even someone we met along the way, trying to find that truly unique gift can be a lot of fun.

And Canada is definitely known worldwide for a few things in particular, and I am not referring to our propensity to apologize or use the word “EH”!

Items like maple syrup, Tim Horton’s coffee, and anything related to hockey, are super popular souvenir ideas. As someone who has lived in Canada all my life, I can definitely attest to this!

And the best part is, no matter what your budget, you are sure to find a Canadian souvenir that is affordable, practical, unique, fun, and that represents this amazing country.


Best Canadian Souvenirs for Foodies

If you are anything like our family, food and travel are strongly intertwined. So naturally, many of the things on our list are edible!

1. Maple Syrup

Quintessentially Canadian, maple syrup tops our list of the best souvenirs to bring home. We always have a large jug of it in the house.

Considering Canada produces 85 percent of the world’s maple syrup, what could be more representative, or delicious?


Eastern Canada has just the right combination of cold spring nights and warm daytime temperatures to produce an abundance of the sap needed to make maple syrup.

You will find the ‘liquid gold’ in any number of gift shops, farmers’ markets, and foodie specialty shops across the country.

If you are visiting in the spring, we recommend that you head to a Maple Syrup Festival where you can watch it being made, and even sample the syrup at a variety of production stages.

And although pure maple syrup comes at a premium price, it is far superior to what you typically find in grocery aisles.

And with different grades to try (ie light, amber, dark), there is one to suit any taste. We recommend the amber, as it is what most people expect maple syrup to taste like.

2. Products Made From Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is a pretty important part of Canada’s culture and history.

Our Indigenous people taught early settlers to harvest sap, boil it down to make syrup, and then further cook it down until sugar was produced.


Maple sugar was the first kind of sweetener used in Canada and is now enjoyed in over 45 countries around the world.

Today, a variety of delicious products are made from both maple syrup and maple sugar. In fact, I use maple sugar in a lot of my baking or paleo recipes.

From maple-flavoured tea to cookies, fudge, hard candies, and a variety of other goodies, you are sure to find something to sweeten up someone’s day!

3. Tim Horton’s Coffee

Nothing can brighten up a cold Canadian morning more than a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee. And considering you can even find a Tim Horton’s in most small towns, makes it even better.

Synonymous with Canadian culture and hockey arenas all over the country, this coffee would definitely make an awesome souvenir.


The company was founded by hockey player Tim Horton in 1964. The restaurant chain is now the largest in the country and supports many community charities and groups.

The coffee is available ground, instant or as disks for specialty coffee machines. You will be sure to think back fondly on your visit to Canada as you sip your morning brew.

4. Nanaimo Bars

If you haven’t heard of these yummy Canadian dessert bars, you are missing out!

Originating in the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia, these no-bake bars come in a variety of flavours like peanut butter or mocha.


Nanaimo bars consist of three layers: a base made from a wafer, ground nuts (walnuts, almonds, or pecans), and coconut; a custard icing middle layer; and topped off with a layer of rich chocolate ganache.

These sweet treats can be found in most grocery stores across the country.

5. Butter Tarts

Butter tarts are one of my absolute favourite sweet treats and quintessentially Canadian. Hubby would call it my obsession!

Originating in the early 1900s, you will find the butter tart celebrated all over Ontario with various festivals dedicated solely to this sticky creation.


Nowadays, you will not only find plain or raisin-filled butter tarts, but you can find maple flavour (of course!), pecan, oreo, mocha, peanut butter, and the list goes on!

In fact, we have come across entire bakeries and festivals in various Canadian cities dedicated just to butter tarts!

While many of the flavours are awesome, I would have to say that the original or the maple (of course!) are my faves.

6. Laura Secord Chocolate

One of Canada’s largest and most well-known chocolatiers is Laura Secord.

You will find Laura Secord chocolate shops all over the country, selling delicious seasonal offerings as well as a variety of truffles and specialty chocolate bars.


This Toronto-based company opened its doors in 1913, taking its name from a Canadian War of 1812 heroine, Laura Secord.

I grew up eating these truffles as well as enjoying Laura Secord chocolates at Easter and in my Christmas Stockings. Definitely nostalgic for me.

7. Saskatoon Berry Jam

Saskatoon Berry Jam is definitely unique. We can almost guarantee, that you will have a difficult time finding this flavour anywhere outside of Canada.


Originating in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon berries can be found throughout the Canadian prairies.

We brought home several jars from both Manitoba and Saskatchewan during our travels.

The berries themselves look a lot like blueberries but have a sweet, nutty almond flavour. It’s a unique and absolutely delicious jam, especially served with scones!

8. Wild Blueberry Fruit Syrup

This stuff is what dreams are made of! Perfect on pancakes, waffles, ice cream, or even right off the spoon, wild blueberry syrup is a sweet treat from PEI.


You can find small bottles in some of the local grocery stores, as well as in specialty shops. If you know someone who loves blueberries, this would make the perfect souvenir.

9. Canadian Potato Chips

Many tourists (and some Canadians too) don’t realize just how many potato chips are Canadian, and can’t be found outside of this country!

With that being said, people visiting Canada who have developed a taste for our snacks may want to stock up before they leave!

Ketchup chips, All-Dressed chips and Hickory Sticks are probably the most notable examples of extremely popular Canadian snacks that you can’t find outside of the country.

10. Smarties

Smarties are small milk chocolates coated in a colourful candy shell, much like regular M&Ms.

You can find the boxes in a variety of sizes, and often, in a variety of colours to match the season (pastels for Easter for example).


Only our youngest son, Mr. Bump, is pretty much the only one in our family who will eat them. And while Hubby and I loved the Smarties jingle from the 80s, we will stick to the peanut M&Ms, thank you.

11. Chocolate Bars

Just like with the potato chip flavours, we also have a few types of chocolate bars that can’t be found outside of Canada. Even I am guilty of not knowing how many of these brands were Canadian!


Many of these include some of my favourite chocolate bars too. From Mr. Big to Caramilk, Crispy Crunch, Coffee Crisp, Wunderbar, and Aero, I love them all!

12. Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is definitely the perfect gift for a seafood lover. Whether you travel to our East or West Coast, you will find an abundance of this cured meat.


You can find smoked salmon in most grocery stores or online. And don’t forget to try the maple-flavoured smoked salmon – it’s awesome!

13. Canadian Meat

If you are a meat-eater, then giving Canadian dried meats a taste is a definite must.

Made by Mennonite communities and other Canadian farmers, you will find a variety of these savoury snacks all over the country.


From summer sausage to beef jerky, pepperettes, and grass-fed bison sticks (Mr. Bump’s fave), these delicious dried meats are the perfect foodie gift to bring home from your visit to Canada.

14. Canadian Cookbooks

Our oldest, Miss Sunshine, collects cookbooks from many of the places that she has travelled to. Makes sense as she is a chef.

But it’s a great way to bring back a little of the country’s culture. Especially if you have fallen in love with some of the cuisine.

Whether you prefer a book about desserts, cocktails, entrees, or even a food guide to some of Canada’s best eateries, there are so many awesome books that you can choose from.

Best Canadian-Made Alcohol

Canadian-made alcohol can be another souvenir you may want to consider bringing home with you. Of course, there is a limit to how much you can travel with, so keep that in mind.

15. Canadian Wine

Home to both the Niagara Peninsula and the Okanagan Valley, Canada has a pretty great reputation for producing incredible wines.

Our climate provides the perfect growing conditions, resulting in an excellent selection of wines to choose from.


One of our favourite outings is the Sip of the Season event held in Niagara Falls every autumn. It’s the best way for us to sample new wines.

16. Ice Wine

One of my favourites on our list of Canadian-made alcohol is Ice Wine. This sweet dessert wine comes from the Niagara region and is incredibly delicious.

It is called Ice Wine because the grapes are left to freeze naturally on the vine.

Once the outside temperatures remain between -10 and -12 °C for a stretch of time, the grapes are harvested and pressed while still frozen.


This yields a sweet, concentrated juice that is then put through the fermentation process to create Ice Wine.

And because Ontario has the optimal growing conditions, Canada is able to produce some of the best Ice Wines in the world.

17. Blueberry Wine

One of my favourite finds while travelling across Canada was Blueberry wine. No surprise really, considering how much I loved the blueberry syrup I mentioned above!

We have found the wine in New Brunswick, PEI, and here in Ontario.


Blueberry wine is considered semi-sweet and has a very unique fruit-forward flavour. It is delicious!

Blueberry wine is sold in grocery stores on the East Coast, and at a cranberry farm in Bala. I’m guessing it can also be found in other spots in Canada as well.

18. Canadian Beer

If you prefer beer to a glass of wine, consider taking home some of Canada’s most popular brews.

Molson Canadian, Budweiser and Labatt Blue are some of the most beloved Canadian beers.

Manitoulin Island - Manitoulin Hotel and Conference Centre - beer

Of course, our country is also filled with small craft breweries that produce some incredible beer.

19. Canadian Whisky

Now if spirits are more your thing, Canada is also known for producing some incredible whiskey.


Canadian Club, Hiram Walker, JP Wiser’s, Crown Royal, and Forty Creek, are all brands you might want to sample or take home with you.

20. Canadian Ciders

Often referred to as the Niagara Fruit Belt, the Niagara region produces 90% of Ontario’s fruit.

Craft ciders can be found all over the country in a variety of flavours including apple and pear.


These delicious concoctions are commonly sold in liquor stores as well as grocery stores.

One of our favourites comes from Muskoka Lakes Farm & Winery. Home of the Bala Cranberry Festival and the winery’s gorgeous outdoor skate trail in the winter, their cranberry cider is absolutely incredible!

21. Ceasar Mix

One drink I could never get on board with is the Caesar. Invented in 1969 by Walter Chell in Calgary, Alberta, the drink is Canada’s answer to a Bloody Mary.


Slightly different, a Caesar is made with Clamato juice, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, celery salt and hot sauce. It is often seen served with brunch.

Given that Canadians drink more than 400 million Caesars annually, it has actually become our national drink!

22. Ungava Gin

Hubby is a gin drinker, so he definitely knows his stuff. When I asked him to tell me his favourite brand of Canadian-made gin, Ungava was a clear winner.


Produced from six artic botanicals that are hand-foraged in Northern Quebec, this gin is unique in both its flavour and signature yellow colour.

You can easily find Ungava in Canadian Liquor stores, as well as in Duty-free shops.

23. Caribou

Another favourite alcoholic beverage of Hubby’s is Caribou. Found only in Quebec, Caribou can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

Caribou Liquor

Caribou is a sweet French-Canadian alcoholic beverage made up of red wine, rye whiskey and maple syrup.

We discovered it during a family trip to the Quebec Winter Carnival. It’s pretty strong, and will definitely keep you warm during our freezing Canadian winters!


Caribou can be purchased at any SAQ in Quebec (their government-run liquor store).

Best Indigenous Souvenirs from Canada

With Canada being home to such a rich Indigenous culture, it stands to reason that this type of souvenir would be popular and meaningful.

24. Dream Catchers

One of the kids’ most cherished souvenirs from our adventures through the Canadian prairies is the dream catcher we purchased at Wanuskewin Heritage Park in Saskatchewan.


Often one of the most recognizable forms of Indigenous art, dream catchers are lightweight and easy to pack for travel.

They come in different sizes, colours, and designs, making it easy to choose just the perfect one.

25. Indigenous History or Story Books

Books are always a favourite souvenir for our family, though not always a very practical one.

When the kids learn about something new that really captures their attention, they usually try to find a book to take home with them.


During one of our road trips, the kids learned some Indigenous stories behind a few of the constellations. They were hooked! And so, a book found its way into our suitcase!

26. Indigenous Art

Indigenous art from Canada’s First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples can be incredibly beautiful, symbolic, and meaningful.

It can be a wonderful Canadian souvenir for both yourself or as a gift for someone special.


Purchase a one-of-a-kind painting from Canada’s Indigenous peoples and you’ll not only have an amazing conversation piece, but you will also be supporting local artists and their communities.

Canadian Indigenous art is usually based on folk stories and is filled with animals, nature, and the harmonious interaction between people and their environment.

Wanuskewin - art exhibit bison rocker

27. Inukshuk Gifts

Another popular and very recognizable piece of Indigenous art is an Inukshuk.

You can find drawings, photos, ornaments, soapstone carvings, and any number of sculptures that carry the Inukshuk theme.


As Canadians, we are known worldwide for our friendliness.

An Inukshuk in the shape of a person signifies safety, hope and friendship, thus mirroring the Canadian spirit of friendship and community.


28. Moccasins

A great way to keep your feet toasty warm and comfortable is by wearing a pair of moccasins.

This Indigenous-themed souvenir is pretty practical if you are coming from a colder climate.


You can usually find moccasins and other similar items in museum gift shops.

There are also plenty of Indigenous-owned and operated gift shops spread across the country, that carry hand-made and unique items such as moccasins.

29. Soapstone Carvings

Soapstone carvings are definitely a popular form of Indigenous art and culture.

Not only are soapstone carvings absolutely gorgeous, but they are sturdy enough to withstand travelling in your luggage.

Indigenous-made soapstone carvings generally depict animals, totems, or Inukshuks.


They can be found in most museum gift shops, or in gift shops that are owned and run by Indigenous people.

30. Totem Art

As we mentioned above, totem soapstone sculptures are pretty popular. However, you can also find them as wood carvings or paintings in many Indigenous-owned gift shops across the country.


The word totem comes from the Algonquian word odoodem meaning “kinship group”. The carvings on a totem traditionally symbolize ancestors, cultural beliefs, legends, clan lineages, or important events.

Best Canadian Souvenirs for Kids

Considering we are a family travel blog, we would be remiss not to mention the most popular and best souvenirs for kids.

31. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Plushie

It is undeniable that over the years, the moose, bear and beaver have become symbols of Canada. Dress them in an RCMP uniform and they can’t get any more Canadian!


And what kid doesn’t love a plushie, even if they are not dressed in the iconic Red Serge and Stetson Hat?

My kids have Lobster stuffies from Nova Scotia, Puffins from Newfoundland, and Polar Bears from Churchill.


Besides, these furry Canadian symbols are easy to pack in a suitcase to bring back home with you.

32. Canada Books for Kids

You can find some really great children’s books about Canada.

From interesting facts to Indigenous stories and everything in between, books are easy to pack but can get a little heavy.


If you are planning a trip to Canada, you could even consider getting the kids a book about Canada before you go, as a way to get them excited for the trip.

33. Canada Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to keep kids busy. Adults too!

Whether it’s a picture of your favourite Canadian landmark, a gorgeous landscape scene, or even a mosaic of your favourite Canadian foods or national parks, puzzles bring joy to people of all ages.

And what better way to reminisce, than to spend time as a family working on a puzzle featuring a special place in Canada!


Our favourite is the puzzle we bought with all the Ontario Parks Patches. We collect patches from all the campgrounds that we visit, so it’s a perfect reminder of our travels!

34. Magnets

Our kids would tell you that magnets are hands-down the best souvenirs out there.


Magnets are easy to find, come in a ton of different styles and colours, are relatively inexpensive, and are easy to find in EVERY gift shop across the country.

The kids always ask for a magnet when we explore a new place.


They are easy to pack in your bags, and just as easy to display once you get home.

35. Pins

Pin are small, inexpensive, easy to pack, and are often collected by kids and adults alike.


Choose a generic Canadian flag, or maybe find something specific to the part of the country you visited.

36. Keychains

Keychains may seem old-school, but they are lightweight, easy to find, pretty inexpensive, and take up very little space in your suitcase.


Kids can use them for their house keys, attach them to backpacks, hang them in their room, or just add them to a growing collection!

Hubby actually uses a couple of his keychains for various keys we have in the house to make them easier to find.

37. Pressed Pennies

Pressed pennies are small, inexpensive collector items that make great souvenirs.

Our kids have books filled with pressed coins from all over the world that are perfect reminders of all their adventures.


These pressed coin machines can usually be found at tourist attractions, and even some hotels (like Great Wolf Lodge).

A quick online search will give you the location, how many machines, and even the designs that can be found at each spot.


And don’t forget to grab the handy collector books to store all the coins in!

38. Loonies & Toonies

And while we are on the subject of Canadian coins, Loonies and Toonies also make great souvenirs for coin collectors.

These $1 and $2 coins (or even our quarters for that matter) often come with designs that are specific to an event, anniversary or celebration.


Our youngest enjoys collecting coins from our travels. And the great thing about Canada is, that you can find some pretty cool coins in circulation while you are travelling the country!

39. Stickers

What child does not like stickers? They are pretty inexpensive, easy to pack, and come in endless styles and varieties.


Some of the favourite stickers we have found are from the national and provincial parks that we have visited.

However, most gift shops and even dollar stores will carry some sort of Canada-themed sticker pack that could be a perfect souvenir of your travels.

40. Colouring Books

Colouring books are another great souvenir for kids. Perfect for the flight or drive home, kids will have fun colouring in things they may have seen on their adventure in Canada.

Found in most bookstores, department stores and dollar stores, colouring books are budget-friendly and perfect for younger travellers. Not to mention, nowadays, colouring books have even become popular for adults!

Best Decorative Souvenirs

Some people prefer decorative items that will remind them of their travel adventures.

Trinkets that will be placed around the home, or used on a daily basis, are often a favourite souvenir for travellers.

41. Canadian Flag

What better to remember your trip to our beautiful country, than by purchasing a Canadian flag to take home?

It really is an awesome keepsake whether you prefer a small patch to stick on your suitcase, a small desktop flag, or a flag large enough to fly from a flagpole.

Canada Flag on a teardrop trailer

Of course, we own a variety of Canadian flags. From using them on our camper to Canada flag bunting for our porch, and even flag tags on our luggage, we proudly display our flags whenever possible.

42. Hudson’s Bay Blanket

These iconic striped blankets are instantly recognizable all over the country!

The Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) dates back to May 1670 and holds the title of the oldest incorporated company in the English-speaking world.


Although HBC was a fur trading business for most of its history, the company now owns and operates nearly 250 department stores in Canada and the United States. Hudson’s Bay, Saks Fifth Avenue and Saks OFF 5TH all fall under the HBC umbrella.

43. Christmas Ornaments

One of my absolute favourite souvenirs to buy are Christmas ornaments.

I always try to find a unique ornament from places we travel to, and that includes different parts of Canada.


Ornaments are small enough to carry, and pretty inexpensive, making them the perfect souvenir to bring home.

44. Canada Snowglobes

Considering Canada is called the Great White North, a snowglobe may be pretty representative of our country, eh?

Snowglobes come in all sizes as well as a variety of themes, so you are sure to find one that you love.


I can almost guarantee that you will find at least one snowglobe in the gift shop of any major attraction that you visit.

My favourite is my tiny snow globe with polar bears. Reminds me of our awesome time spent in Churchill, Manitoba.

45. Amythyst Stones

Amethysts are gorgeous purple-coloured crystals that are found in abundance in Northern Ontario.

With several mines located just outside of Thunder Bay, it’s no wonder that you can find some beautiful creations made from this stone.


From jewellery to beads, sculptures, crystal cluster stones and Reiki Chakra stones, there are any number of souvenirs you can purchase made from this purple beauty.

46. Starbucks Been There Mugs

Starbucks mugs are pretty much the only thing I bring back on my travels that is just for me.


In Canada, you will find the ‘Been There‘ series of Starbucks mugs. Most provinces and many of the major cities will have one.


These are great souvenirs to have as you can reminisce about your fabulous Canadian adventure while sipping your morning coffee!

47. National Park Patches or Coins

If you are planning to visit one of Canada’s 38 National Parks, then purchasing a park patch or a park coin is a great option.


Not only are the patches relatively inexpensive, but they take up almost no room in your luggage.

During our trip to Grasslands National Park, we picked up a National Park Coin.

You can find pins, patches, and even stickers at the park’s visitor’s centre.

48. Photographs or Posters

There are so many iconic scenes of Canada that you can find in poster form. Places like Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, the Cabot Trail, and man-made structures like the CN Tower, to name just a few.


If you have skills as a photographer, you could always take your awesome photos and either frame them or turn them into a printed book.

I have framed photos of our travels all over our home. They are some of my favourite souvenirs. I have also created several photobooks of our travels that are treasured family keepsakes.

49. Push-Pin Map of Canada

If you are planning to travel all through Canada like we have, then a push-pin map of Canada would be the perfect keepsake.

These maps allow you to put a push-pin in all the places that you have been. It really is a conversation piece and a fun way to keep track of your travels.


You can purchase relatively inexpensive maps from Amazon that allow you to scratch off the places you have visited.

In our case, we went with something a little more expensive. Our push-pin map is framed and customized. And while ours is of the whole world, you can find just maps of Canada.


50. Sticker Maps

This is pretty similar to the push-pin or scratch-off maps I listed above, except that this map is made of stickers.

We found out about these maps through the RV community. Since we are now camping trailer owners, this is something that we definitely wanted to have.


Each province and territory has a sticker. When you travel to that place, you just add it to the Canada map outline. Voila! It’s easy to see where you have been.

If you plan to travel through Canada in an RV or know someone who is, then this type of map is perfect!

51. Metal Wall Art

While large metal wall art may not be practical for taking on an airplane, if you are on a road trip it may not be such a big deal.


Large red maple leaves or similar wrought iron signs are popular and can easily be found in many farmer’s markets or craft fairs.

We are having one custom-designed for our trailer to hang out at the campgrounds we stay at. Many companies will even ship to you if that makes things easier.

Best Canadian Souvenirs That You Can Wear

Whether it’s a Canadian designer that you can’t get anywhere else or Canada-branded items with maple leaves, wearable souvenirs make wonderful gifts for family and friends.

52. Hockey Jersey

If you share the same love for hockey as most Canadians, then a team jersey is the perfect choice for a souvenir.


We have 7 teams in the National Hockey League (NHL), so you have plenty of options!

Both Hubby and our younger son, Mr. Bump, were over the moon when they were given Toronto Maple Leaf jerseys this year as gifts.

As luck would have it, there is actually a player on the team with the same last name as us!


53. Sports Team Baseball Caps

Ball caps are pretty much standard gear for a lot of people. So picking up one with your favourite Canadian sports team can be the perfect souvenir idea.


54. Canada Mittens

It gets pretty cold here in Canada during the winter.

So if you are visiting at this time of the year, be sure to pick up a pair of Maple Leaf mittens.


This Canada-branded cold-weather gear is iconic.

And it’s a great way to take home a little bit of Canada, especially if it’s cold where you come from too!

55. Canada Tuque

Of course, if you are thinking about mittens, you may as well consider getting a Canada-branded toque as well!

Guaranteed to keep you toasty warm on those cold Canadian winter days, these winter hats also look great in your Instagram photos.


The kids and I all have several pairs of Canada-branded mittens, toques, and scarves.

56. Canada Tee Shirt or Hoodie

Great to wear at any time of the year, t-shirts make one of the most inexpensive and easy-to-find souvenirs.


Choose Canada-branded gear, the name of a place you visited, or something funny or cute, the possibilities are endless!

57. Canada Socks

Socks are a fun and inexpensive souvenir idea for yourself or someone on your list. They are colourful, definitely useful, funny, and have a variety of themes to suit every taste.

Our younger daughter, Miss Somersault, loves socks. In fact, if you are a regular to our blog, you will notice pretty quickly her vast collection!


We have found destination-themed socks, like the chocolate-themed socks from the Hershey store in Niagara Falls. Or socks with Indigenous artwork. Let’s not forget the sports team socks that my entire family owns!

58. Canada Tie

A really useful souvenir for men, of course, would be a tie. Ties can be worn for many occasions, including informal dinners.

So a fun and colourful tie would not only be a conversation piece, but a welcome gift or memorable souvenir.

59. Cowboy Hat

While Texas may have the market for authentic Cowboy hats in the US, Calgary is the clear winner in Canada.


You can’t possibly visit one of Canada’s most iconic festivals, the Calgary Stampede, without at least being tempted to purchase your very own hat (and maybe the boots to go with it!).

60. Clothing From a Canadian Retailer

If you are into fashion, there are quite a few choices if you are interested in purchasing from Canadian retailers.

From everyday outfits and accessories to fancy dinner wear or seasonal clothing, there is a Canadian store that will have you covered.


Some of Canada’s most popular home-grown retailers include:

  • Canada Goose
  • Aritzia
  • East Coast Lifestyle
  • Roots
  • Lululemon

I love my Canada Goose coat which keeps me warm during some of our brutal winter days.

61. Ethically Sourced Canadian Diamonds

I have to say, I had no idea that Canada is actually one of the largest diamond producers in the world.

In fact, we have four working diamond mines in Canada. Three are located in the NWT – the Ekati, Diavik and Gahcho Kué mines. The fourth — the Renard diamond mine, can be found in Quebec.


Diamonds from Canada are also some of the most ethically and sustainably mined diamonds in the world.

62. Unique Jewellery

Jewellery is something you can wear for years to come and will bring back fond memories of your travels, making it a great souvenir to buy.


Maybe a pair of amethyst earrings from your visit to Ontario, or a few leather bracelets you bought during an Indigenous tour in Saskatchewan.

I couldn’t resist an amethyst bracelet from our road trip stop at a mine near Thunder Bay.

63. Pandora Charms

Both my daughters and I have Pandora charm bracelets. While we each have different tastes and preferences, we always buy a charm when we travel.


So while you are in Canada, be sure to pick up a red maple leaf charm.

Of course, why limit yourself to just one? There are so many amazing options to choose from that will suit every taste.

Best Affordable Souvenirs

We are including just a few miscellaneous souvenir ideas that won’t break the bank. As a bonus, most won’t take up any space in your suitcase either!


Bookmarks are a thoughtful gift for the bookworm in your life. We should know. Both of my daughters and I have our noses constantly stuck in a book.

We have seen bookmarks in gift shops all over the country. They depict everything from Indigenous artwork to famous landscapes, animals, landmarks, foods, and even cartoon characters.

65. Canada Postage Stamps

Collecting stamps is definitely an old-school hobby. But believe it or not, some people still do it.

Stamps are easy to find at any postal outlet. If you are looking for something special, you may have to order them online through the Canada Post website.


You can find anything from special occasion stamps like Christmas or Diwali, hockey stamps, Indigenous Leaders, Canadians in Flight, and more.

66. Postcards

Yes. Postcards are really old-school, but I still love them. I like to frame some of mine to make an interesting collage or conversation piece.

You could also place them in a scrapbook, actually send them out to people with a postmark from the place where you purchased them, or find some other meaningful way to display them.

67. Unique Postmarks

And speaking of unique postmarks, many places still have post offices that will stamp either a letter or even your passport (maybe check this to see if it’s ok).

Photo Credit: Travel Manitoba

While we were in Churchill, Manitoba, there was a shop right in the airport that would stamp a postcard or whatever you wanted, for a small fee.

68. Pens or Pencils

Easy to find, inexpensive and useful, pens and pencils come in all sizes and colours. These are often overlooked as souvenirs but can be a pretty unique choice.

They often come with the name of the destination or attraction engraved or written on them, or maybe even have a themed topper.

69. Luggage Tags

Whenever we travel abroad, we always use our Canada luggage tags. Call it patriotic pride, but they are also quite practical.


We have had our fancy (and expensive) Disney luggage tags stolen a few times, so we have settled on these simple, inexpensive, and easy-to-spot tags.

70. Shot Glasses

I know a lot of people who collect shot glasses, so this souvenir idea may be a no-brainer You can easily find shot glasses in a variety of shapes and sizes, colours and themes, in pretty much every souvenir shop you go to.


We only own a few. And the ones we have were given to us as part of an experience. Like the shot glasses from Newfoundland when we were “Screeched In.”

71. Music CDs

There is some pretty awesome music that comes out of Canada, so buying a CD might be a perfect souvenir idea. I realize you can order CDs easily online, but what if you can purchase the music in a significant place?


While we were in PEI, Hubby went to the Stompin Tom Museum. This is where he purchased a bunch of Stompin Tom CDs. Voila! The perfect souvenir that is now attached to a wonderful memory!

72. Pet Collars

For those of us who have furry family members, pet collars can be a unique travel souvenir. This is especially true if they travel alongside you.

We have seen many themed collars, harnesses, and even sweaters and coats that would make pawesome gifts. 🙄🙄

73. Suncatchers

Suncatchers are a fun souvenir idea that can brighten up someone’s day. These colourful ornaments that hang in the window can be found in most gift shops as well as artisan fairs and craft shows.

74. Travel Guides and Books

Once again, I love books. So buying a Polar Bear book in Churchill was one of the best souvenirs that I came home with.


However, having someone buy me a travel guide for somewhere that I would like to visit is also a wonderful gift idea.

75. Calendars

Calendars are notoriously filled with wonderful photographs. So having a daily reminder of some of the awesome places that you have visited in Canada can make for the perfect souvenir.

Where to Buy the Best Souvenirs

The best Canadian souvenirs can actually be found and purchased all over the country!

Since we love to support local businesses as much as possible, we recommend buying your souvenirs directly from the artisans, local producers, or small-scale retailers that you come across in your travels.

With that being said, there are also many other places you can source your Canadian keepsakes.


Shopping online from department stores, boutiques, or even retailers like Amazon may be an option if your suitcase is already busting at the seams!

We have linked to some of our recommendations for the best Canadian souvenirs to buy online, just to make it a little easier if you decide to go this route.

Final Thoughts on the Best Canadian Souvenirs to Bring Home

There are so many incredible things to see and do in Canada.

So when your visit comes to an end, hopefully, we have given you enough great ideas for the best Canadian souvenirs for you to take home with you.

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