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How to Get From Mississauga to Downtown Toronto in 2024

Wondering how to get from Mississauga to Downtown Toronto? As locals, we have got you covered!

Mississauga is both a wonderful place to live and to visit. In fact, our family is proud to call this incredibly vibrant city home.

Part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Mississauga is actually Canada’s sixth-largest city in terms of population.

Not only does Mississauga offer a ton of incredible restaurants, museums, festivals, and gorgeous parks and waterfront areas to explore, but we are also in very close proximity to Toronto.

And although our city is a great place to explore, inevitably many visitors are faced with the question of how to get from Mississauga to downtown Toronto.

Where is Mississauga Located?

The city of Mississauga is located in Southern Ontario, west of Toronto, and just over an hour northwest of the Buffalo-Niagara border. Part of the Region of Peel, Mississauga is also broken down into several smaller ‘villages’, each having its own transportation hubs.


How Far is it From Mississauga to Downtown Toronto?

If you are travelling by car from the Mississauga city centre to downtown Toronto, the journey is approximately 27.5 km and will take you under an hour (depending on traffic) to get there.

How to Get From Mississauga to Downtown Toronto

If you are travelling from Mississauga to Downtown Toronto, you have several different modes of transportation available to you. And since Mississauga is a pretty big city, it all depends on where you are starting from.

From bus to train, rideshare, taxi, or car, you have plenty of options to choose from, depending on your schedule and budget.

By Car

Although the most convenient option, driving from Mississauga to downtown Toronto may not always be the easiest or the quickest. Both major cities can get pretty busy during the morning and evening rush hours.

Driving during off-peak hours will be better, but you will also need to consider road construction (which, unfortunately, we are famous for), and finding parking in the city when you arrive.

Expect the drive to take anywhere from 33 minutes to over an hour.

Find the best prices on car rentals in Mississauga here.

Photo Credit: Mississauga Tourism

By Rideshare

If the idea of battling traffic, or feverishly hunting down a parking spot in the city does not appeal to you, rideshare is a good alternative. Let someone else handle the driving while you sit back in your own space to enjoy the ride.

Both Uber and Lyft operate in the GTA, with Uber coming in at a slightly lower cost. All you have to do is download the rideshare app and you are on your way.

How Much is Uber from Mississauga to Downtown Toronto?

If you were to take an Uber from Square One shopping centre in the heart of Mississauga to Union Station in downtown Toronto, you could expect to pay roughly $38.

By Taxi

There are numerous Taxi companies operating in the GTA. A quick search online will get you the name and number of a cab service.

Some will have a set fee for a ride downtown, but you should always ask first. They are definitely more costly than rideshare, however.


Driving Directions from Mississauga to Downtown Toronto

Although there are many routes that you can take to get from Mississauga to downtown Toronto, there are three main routes that are used by most people. The route you choose will largely depend on what part of Mississauga you are starting from, and of course, which route has the least amount of traffic and/or construction.

The first route involves taking Highway 401 East from the north end of Mississauga to Highway 427 South, then taking the Gardiner Expressway South into Toronto. I personally try to stay away from the 401 as much as possible, as it seems like there is NEVER a good time to be on this highway!

The second route involves taking the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) to the Gardiner Expressway South, and into Toronto. This route can get busy at times as well, but it is generally less of a headache than hopping on the 401.

The last route involves skipping the highways altogether and taking Lakeshore Road from Mississauga all the way to Toronto. While this route is quite scenic, it is also really busy, with a ton of traffic lights to slow you down.

Does Mississauga Have Public Transit?

Yes. Mississauga has a pretty big network of public transportation, and it is growing all the time. In fact, our city is in the process of adding an LRT (Light Rail Transit) that will run along a major city corridor.

By Bus & Train

In Mississauga, you will find both bus and train services throughout the city. The local city bus, MiWay (pronounced MY WAY) can be found running through all neighbourhoods, industrial areas, from Pearson Airport, and of course, in the city centre.

You can check the MiWay schedule here.

GO Transit buses and Trains can also be found at all GO stations throughout the City. With 9 different stations located in Mississauga, including Lisgar, Meadowvale, Streetsville, Erindale, Cooksville, Dixie, Malton, Clarkson and Port Credit, you should not have a problem getting around the city.

Unfortunately, the city of Mississauga does not currently have a subway system.


Is Public Transportation Good in Mississauga?

Mississauga is a big city. This means that unless you own a car (or are renting one), you are more than likely relying on public transit to get around.

In 2019, a survey was done ranking the top 15 big Canadian cities (with populations greater than 300,000) based on their public transit. Mississauga came in fourth place overall.

That being said, unfortunately, when you compare our transit system to that of Germany or even New York City, we don’t measure up. But don’t panic, Mississauga’s transit system is more than adequate.

Is There a Direct Bus Between Mississauga and Downtown Toronto?

Yes. There is a direct GO bus departing from all of the GO stations and arriving at the Union Station Bus Terminal. Services depart hourly and operate every day. The journey takes anywhere from 35 min to 2 hours depending on the time of day.

MiWay is a local transit system, so it does not offer direct service to downtown Toronto. Instead, you will need to catch a MiWay bus that will take you to either Kipling or Islington Subway Station. You can then transfer to a Toronto-bound subway.



The cost of a single cash fare for MiWay is $4.

The cost of a single ride on the Go Transit bus is dependent on your route. If you start at Lisgar Go station (the furthest ride), you will spend about $11.10 for the fare. At Dixie GO (the closest), your fare will be about $7.15.

Is There a Direct Train Between Mississauga and Downtown Toronto?

Yes. There is a direct GO train departing from any of the seven GO stations, that will take you to Toronto Union Station. Services depart several times a day and operate Monday to Friday. The journey takes anywhere from 25 to 52 minutes depending on where you board the train.

You can check the GO schedule and calculate fares here.

Toronto-GO-Train in winter


If you are planning to use public transportation in Mississauga for more than a single trip, it is definitely worth it to get a PRESTO Card. Similar to transit cards used all over Europe, PRESTO allows you to preload money on your card, then tap to pay when entering the bus or train.

The advantage of using a PRESTO Card is that fares are much cheaper than cash fares, and you are not left struggling to come up with exact change when getting on the bus or train.

And nowadays, you don’t even need to carry around an actual card. Just download the PRESTO app on your smartphone, and you are on your way!

Learn more about PRESTO Cards here.

How to Get From Pearson International Airport in Mississauga to Downtown Toronto

Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is actually located in the city of Mississauga. But as with airports all over the world, you will find a variety of transportation options available at your fingertips.

Depending on your schedule, your budget, and if you are travelling with kids (who may come with a ton of gear like strollers and car seats), these things will likely determine which mode of transportation best suits your needs.

Looking for the best prices on flights into Toronto Pearson Airport? Check Skyscanner here.


By Car

Renting a car at Pearson Airport is quite easy. Both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 have car rental agencies located in the parking garages down on the arrival levels. There are several different rental agencies, each with a variety of vehicles to choose from.

If you are planning to rent a car at Pearson Airport, especially a minivan or larger SUV, it really is best to make a reservation ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

We would recommend Discover Cars for booking your car ahead of time. Not only will you find the best prices for rentals, but the process is really easy and can be done from home before your arrival at Pearson Airport.

Find the best prices on car rentals at Pearson Airport here.

By Train

One of the best and easiest ways to get from Pearson Airport to downtown Toronto is by using the UP Express train. The UP Express takes passengers from Union Station to Pearson Airport (and back) with only 2 stops in between and only takes approximately 25 minutes.

The UP Express can be found in Terminal 1 of Pearson Airport. Conveniently located on level two, the UP Express is directly adjacent to the Link Train service connecting Terminals 1 and 3.

So if you happen to be travelling in or out of Terminal 3, you would just have to hop on the free link train that runs between the terminals. The link train also runs at pretty frequent intervals, making it convenient for those looking to catch the UP Express.

UP-Express passenger

The UP Express operates Monday to Friday from 5 am to 11 pm, and on weekends from 6 am to 11 pm, with a train running every 30 minutes. The stations are wheelchair accessible and are fully staffed if you have any questions.

A one-way ticket on the UP Express will cost you $13.35 per adult (13-65) and is free for children under 13. You can also take advantage of a family pass for $25.70 which allows 2 adults and up to three children under 19 to ride on the one pass.

See the UP Express website to get their full schedule.

You can purchase Up Express tickets here.

By Bus

The most inexpensive way to get from Mississauga to downtown Toronto is by bus. Head down to the ground level at Pearson Airport’s Terminal 1 and you will find the bus hub.

If you are arriving at Terminal 3, there are only limited buses that do pick-ups there. Your best bet would be to hop on the link train and head to Terminal 1.

There are 3 different bus companies that will get you to downtown Toronto from Mississauga: TTC, GO Transit, and Mississauga Transit. Some will have direct routes, while others will require transferring between service providers.


TTC Routes from Pearson

Taking the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) is the best and most direct option to get you from Mississauga to downtown Toronto. Their Express bus and subway service will get you downtown in about 45 minutes.

The 900 Express route provides an all-day accessible express bus service between Kipling Station on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth and Pearson International Airport. Kipling Station is an accessible subway station. There are bike and luggage racks on this bus.

The 952 and 52A Lawrence West route provides all-day bus service between Lawrence Station on Line 1 Yonge-University, Lawrence West Station on Line 1 and Pearson Airport.

And if you happen to be arriving at Pearson Airport later in the evening, you will find buses 300 and 332 running overnight.


Where to Buy Tickets at Pearson

  • Terminal 1 – Ground Level, Public Transit Area – Door R, vending machine
  • Terminal 3 – Arrivals Level, Public Transit Area – Door B, vending machine

Fares can also be paid in cash on board the bus. Cash fares are $3.25 for adults and $2.30 for youth. Be sure to ask the driver for a transfer as proof of payment.

GO Transit

Taking GO Transit will also get you from Mississauga to downtown Toronto, just not with a direct route. The GO bus will provide service to either a GO Station or a major transit hub like Square One in Mississauga, where you can then transfer to a bus or train heading downtown.

GO Transit buses depart from Terminal 1, Ground Level – Column Q2 to Q4.

Where to Purchase Tickets at Pearson

You can buy GO Transit tickets online or at the vending machine in Terminal 1 on the Ground Level. The fare will be about $8.70, as GO charges by route.


MiWay (Mississauga Transit)

MiWay provides Express and local bus services within the city of Mississauga. Many of the MiWay routes will take you to one of the nearby subway stations, where you will be able to transfer and catch the subway to Union Station.

Where to Catch Your Bus

At Terminal 1, MiWay buses depart at Ground Level – Column S4. At Viscount Station, MiWay buses stop at the station’s main entrance.

Where to Buy Tickets at Pearson

  • Terminal 1 – Ground Level, Public Transit Area – Door R, vending machine
  • Terminal 3 – Arrivals Level, Public Transit Area – Door B, vending machine

Fares can also be paid in cash on board the bus. Cash fares are $4. Be sure to ask the driver for a transfer as proof of payment.

You can find the cheapest bus and train fares from Pearson to Union Station here.

By Rideshare

If you are looking to hire a rideshare to get you from Mississauga to downtown Toronto, Pearson Airport has specific areas to meet your rides. And depending on which service you call, they will each have different pickup points:


Licenced Ride Share Providers:

  • Terminal 1 – Ground Level – Door Q or P
  • Terminal 3 – Arrivals Level – Door D, outer curb

Uber Black and Lyft Lux:

  • Terminal 1 – Door A
  • Terminal 3 – Door A

By Taxi or Limo Service

Pearson Airport taxis and limos are a fast and easy way to travel across the city. However convenient this option is, just be aware, that it is definitely the most expensive.

Where to Hire a Taxi or Limo

Taxis and Limos can be found in designated areas at both terminals at Pearson Airport. Licensed taxis and limos do not pick up passengers inside terminals or parking garages.

Terminal 1 – Arrivals Level (Map)

  • Taxis: Door D
  • Limos: Door C

Terminal 3 – Arrivals Level (Map)

  • Taxis: Doors D, E and F
  • Limos: Door F 

How to Spot a Licensed Taxi or Limo

Unfortunately, you will definitely find many unlicensed taxi drivers at Pearson Airport. These ‘Scoopers’ will try to pick up fares inside the parking garages, in waiting areas, and throughout the arrivals level. Be wary, they will not tell you a price, then skyrocket the cost once you arrive at your destination.

So for your safety and security, be sure to choose a licensed taxi or limo. Airport taxis will charge flat rates to Toronto destinations, accept all major credit cards and meet safety requirements.

Airport limos are premium black cars and charge approximately 10% more than a taxi. Both can be found curbside, in designated taxi/limo zones.

To catch a taxi or limo:

  1. Go to the designated pick-up area on the terminal curbs, Arrivals Level.
  2. Look for the GTAA number plate on the bumper and the decal on the window.
  3. Ask about the flat rate fare information in the vehicle.
Taxi sign

Places to Stay in Mississauga and Toronto

If you are looking to spend the night in the city, both Mississauga and Toronto offer a variety of accommodations. From hotels to VRBO rentals, you are sure to find a place that meets both your budget and your needs.

Find the best deals on Mississauga hotels and Toronto hotels here.

Final Thoughts on How to Get from Mississauga to Downtown Toronto

Hopefully, we have helped you with all the information needed to decide how to get from Mississauga to downtown Toronto. Since both cities are incredible to visit, we would encourage you to try and spend some time enjoying both places. But when visiting, just remember, that the time of day, road conditions, and weather (this is Canada after all!) can all affect your travel time. So you will need to plan accordingly.

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